Betulkah Single : Incomplete?

The purpose I wrote this entry was to kill my boredom, sitting in front of my laptop everyday for 24 hours, almost gone crazy. Well, if you look at the title of this entry, perhaps you don’t agree with me on this but well, whatever you think it is, is what that is.

Singlehood : Incomplete? "Sape yang kata camne weh?" Well, people used to say that. I know it because I’m single, and I have a lot of single friends. Over the years, I’ve constantly heard people around me, including myself, look upon friends getting attached, lament about their singlehood, about the quality of people they are meeting, why they are not meeting someone special, when they will meet their soulmate and whether they are even have a soulmate and so on. Even when I was surfing through the internet especially Facebook , I came across various posts and comments by different people, sighing about their state of singlehood.

But it does not bother me as I really believe in the concept of soulmates and there being a someone special out there for all of us. All you gotta do is kept on searching until you manage to find your Mr/Mrs Right. And I feel extremely happy for people around me who are happily attached. But people seems to have portrayed singlehood as some sort of a disease. Many believe that they’re incomplete until they find their soulmate. For me "tak tau la nak cakap camne..mungkin ada betul jugak".

I didn’t think too much about getting a relationship because my parents had a mandate that I was not allowed to get into a relationship until I graduated from university. They said "kerja dulu baru kawen..kalau tak kerja nak bagi makan anak orang dengan apa". I tried to break that mandate before by getting into a relationship because it seemed somewhat ridiculous and unreasonable notion. Well, that relationship did not last long and so I presumed, it was better adhering to my parents mandate and remain in a state of singlehood.

Friends around me started getting attached, one by one. Recently, I received a lots of wedding invitation cards from my friends. And then I was thinking "Aku ne dah tua ke diorang cepat sangat kawen". Whenever I catch up with my old friends, they would ask me if I’m attached yet  which make me curious "kenapa la soalan cepu mas ne selalu ditanya". As for me, there is nothing that needs to be embarrassed if you are still single. I’m single but I’m happy..yoshhhhh. Sometimes, I wondered if I was ever going to meet my special someone or if I was going to be single for the rest of my life. "mintaklah dijauhkan..hahah".

Sometimes, being in a relationship could actually drive someone to such level of unhappiness. I saw a couple of my friends who had some sort of quarrel with their girlfriend/boyfriend and they ended up to split up. Shouldn’t relationships be a happy thing? Why would something that is supposed to bring us bliss, result in so much unhappiness in ourselves? Suffice it to say that, "cinta kat Tuhan adalah cinta yang kekal dan sejati". why I say so..because in the end, when your lover leaves you, you will only have nothing left but yourself alone. However, God is always there for you :) 

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  1. TRUE!!

  2. sangatlah bersetuju...
    single? no bf? do i care?? hahaha


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