Simple Trick To Increase Adsense Earning By Blocking Low CPC Ads

Simple Trick To Increase Adsense Earning By Blocking Low CPC Ads

Today, I would like to share with you a simple trick in order to increase Adsense earning. As we know, Adsense is one of the platforms to make money online and it is the most trusted website chosen by bloggers to earn money online. However, some of you might notice that your Adsense earning is low although you are getting good traffic daily. Have you ever thought of increasing your Adsense earning by blocking some low CPC (Cost Per Click) low paying ads?

Well, if your blog is getting good PV but no earning increase, it shows that your blog is full of low CPC ads. So what will be the solution for it? As I mentioned above, we can block low CPC ads from appearing in your blog. However, blocking low CPC does not guarantee you will earn $5 - $10 per click but at least you can avoid from getting $0.01$ per click

Dont worry, blocking low CPC ads does not break or violate Google Adsense rules because Adsense itself providing this option to block ads for their users. Using this simple trick, I am sure that you will be able to increase and boost your earnings with no risk!

Steps To Block Low CPC Ads in Google Adsense? 

Refer to the steps shown in the picture

Step 1: Login to your Google AdSense Account. 

Step 2: Click on Allow & block ads. 

Step 3: Click on Advertisers URLs. Now copy the URLs given below (list of low CPC ads) and paste in the box.

Step 4: Click on Block URLs.


Step 5: Now you can see low Ads are blocked in your Adsense account.

Low CPC/URLs ads has been blocked 

I hope you can see some improvement in your Adsense earning by showing high paying ads and blocking low paying ads. If you have problems, feel free to ask.

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  1. wow!!! nice! but i already deleted my google adsense account for some reasons. maybe will open it back soon


  3. try buat la ni... hehe... thanks for sharing terus buat!

  4. Sangat membantu dan berguna untuk pemegang akaun Adsense..
    Thanks for sharing..

  5. Nice info boleh bantu bgi publisher yg masih xtahu cara ni...sekat iklan cpc rendah.

  6. Nak try la hehe..ada lg tak cara lain selain yg ni? 😁😁😁


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